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01-25-2013, 03:00 PM
Feds got Bio Neural warhead *snicker*

Feds got Bio Neural warhead *chortle*

Feds got Bio Neural warhead *rolls on floor laughing*

Not thats its not usefull or anything.. it is..but its got a gawd awefull long refire delay/cool down. Takes forever to start actually heading for its target.. only exists for a finite amount of time.. It will how ever track on the next availible target if its original target has been destroyed, how ever, I have seen player operated ships run away from it, as its really not all that fast moving. And none of my toons bother with it in anything other then the most (borg red alerts come to mind.. the borg seem quite confused about the silly thing, and it is handy in a plasma torp enviormrnt as any heavy plasma in its range get shot down)

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