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01-25-2013, 02:17 PM
the parcer shows plasma fires and other same hit over and over things fine. in the screen shot i posted earlier every aceton beam dot is accounted for. also every EWP tic is the same too, ive seen that in the log plenty of times

the problem is plasma torps, and maybe mines. the dot and the initial torp impact display in the same entry as far as i can tell. its hard to get a good reading of the effect of you plamsa fires and the torp damage independently for that reason. also with tet glider, it displays the glider damage in with the normal beam damage. normal damage as shield or hull, glider damage as tetryon. it would be more helpful if it was a separate entry like DEM is displayed.

i can go back and look at every shot fired by faw in the log too, it accounts accurately for every swing/shot. theres nothing especially tricky about how faw is displayed in the log, it just says you got hit by a FAW shot and it dealt the displayed damage.

here's FAW in action vs a single target from that duel i mentioned.
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