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01-25-2013, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Yes. Lets make carrier spam even more effective and make peeps all the more vulnerable to borg 1 shot torps...
I think drunks point is... that is already what we have.... Faw is not a good way to control anything right now... it has a hard time even taking out the higher hull pets when it comes from a tac, never mind an engi or sci fawing.

I have always been against any kind of beam rapid fire... but I think I have changed my mind on that... frankly no matter what Cryptic does to faw it will NEVER ever be a balanced skill... it will either suck like it does right now... or be the over powered tool of choice for everyone like it has been 6 other times. lol

I still don't think a rapid fire would be a great idea for beams... we need cannons for something... however I think some sort of boost to over time dmg would be fine... perhaps dmg boost could work... think of something like 15% 20% and 25% dmg boosts for 10s type idea... something like this would still put it well behind Rapid Fire, in any sort of good cannon range... out at 8-10k it might even pull even or a bit better then rapid fire... but it would at least make engi cruisers a viable option again, with out making teams of 5 cruisers rule all.

Anyway I think its time to admit faw is badly broken and the idea of beam aoe is a bad on in general anyway... if you want to control pets and mine spam... bring a sci its what they exist for.