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# 1 Leadership is OP
01-25-2013, 02:35 PM
Having 5 Human Boff is extremely overpowered. Having tested it, it has overshadowed the efficient trait and possibly even better than the new Romulan crit chance boffs. These Boffs stack linearly and provide a +100 to Starship Subsystem Repair when having 5 equipped. This renders several science abilities useless such as target subsystem and viral matrix. Viral matrix is reduced from a 14 second disable to a 3 second disable, practically negligible. Don't forget that leadership also provides another bonus, starship hull regeneration. This also gains a 100% starship hull regeneration when stacking 5 of them and each one gains +20% to hull regeneration. This would be comparable to the Assimilated Borg set 2-piece proc that gives a large hull regeneration except that there is no duration attached to the leadership trait. This would negate any damage that utilizes damage over time such as plasma torpedo/energy, hargh'peng torpedo, eject warp plasma, etc. Please support this thread to get this trait revised!