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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
One solution there would be to have a threat-> aux dump conversion.
There isnt a solution.

You want for the game to mimic WoW trinity when there is not only lack of need for the trinity (Escorts:Online) but also there is nothing you can actually do with space in relation to the trinity because few view space as trinity, they view it the same way they view RTS games were ships have capabilities but this isnt a RTS, people want some degree of firepower and some degree of survivability.

Your solution is absurd because you are not even correcting the problem that is beams being worthless and DHC rule, your solution is make cruisers into tanks whatever they like it or not and making DHC completely dominate escorts builds because who the hell would use beams in a escort? even now the suggestion of beams on a escort is meet with "lol beams on a escort" and this would make it worst.

And it would not correct the major issues that would bring science ships, at that point you might as well just up the hull to cruiser stats, put a extra Eng power and leave at that because they would be nothing but tanks, shield tanks with no hull but that is what you are forcing then to be.

I want a Star Trek game, what I get is Escorts:Online with no attempts by Cryptic part to make beams a more viable weapon, any attempt of discussion is meet with resistance of Escort pilots that want to preserve their dominance and it seems to me Cryptic developers are far more interested into hearing the PvPers that have no intention of making the game to change from the current "balance" (stasis) and their own Fleets that the rest of the players.

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