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01-25-2013, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by grylak View Post
Overpriced for one person might not be overpriced for another. Especially if they have a ton of credits to burn.

Personally, I think if something has a given value of 10,000, and it's being sold for 1 million, it's overpriced.
No. If something has a "given value" (given by whom, by the way?) and it is being sold for 1 million (an actual sale, not just being listed for sale at 1 million), then its value is 1 million between the buyer and seller and the "given value" is ridiculous and should be ignored.

Or do you think that the 10 or so Very Rare Mk XII Field Generator on the exchange that everybody in the game should want should be sold for 10k ec, because that is about what you can vendor it for?