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01-25-2013, 04:58 PM
This could work but only if the captain specs were replaced and tied to the ship being commanded. Otherwise we have a new system of gameplay still tethered to a mostly senseless system of character specifications. The present system does little other than limit the player from commanding many of the ships in their personal fleet and discourages buying new ships from the store.

It is the ship that is required to be stealthy while the captain must have at least some predisposition toward stealth tactics to fully benefit from such an assignment. It is the ship that dons the additional hull plating relative to the size of its warp core not the captain.

In place of the present spec system, the trait system would function much like that of Elder Scrolls games. Your proficiencies and deficiencies governed by your career choice then determined by how you play the game rather than how you play determined by what specialization in which you place 6-9 ticks at a specific rank until you run out of ticks. Successful decloak and attack runs would naturally lead to greater proficiency in stealth based tactics and renown for expertise in such.

Also, since two reputation factions now exist in-game, reputations should they ever be expanded to represent a meaningful portion of the Star Trek universe must be mutually exclusive. Even in a universe as idealistic as Star Trek, one could not attain maximum positive reputation with every faction or group. Freelancer had a great example of this where successes and failures in any given mission always drew the ire of someone and sometimes opened new, unexpected reputation and mission opportunities relative to the outcome and mission accepted.
All cloaks should be canon.