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01-25-2013, 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
And they also have incredible tanking abilities. This carrier obviously doesn't. This could explain why the inertia/turnrate is higher. I know it's a major complaint from people flying cruisers, they want DPS, tanking and maneuvrability, which won't be added in this game for obvious reasons.

BTW the original complaint comes from the compared sized of ships.
All I want is more maneuverability. Keep dps and tanking the same. Slightly higher maneuverability doesn't make a cruiser overpowered. Once uponm a time, back in February 2010, the Exploration cruiser had a turn rate of 5, and every other cruiser nad one less turn rate than they do now. After much complaining, turn rates were improved by one for all cruisers, though most players demanded they be increased by two. I'm just here to tell Cryptic that Fed cruisers still turn too slowly.

By the way, KDF cruisers have DPS, tanking and maneuverability. Fed escorts have DPS, tanking and maneuverability. I once watched a tactical captain in a heavy escort carrier tank an elite tactical cube, which is plenty of tank for an escort to have. Explain that. You're advocating that Fed cruisers remain weak compared to at least two other ship classes. Why?

All I'm asking for is + 1 turn rate. Why are you opposed to that? I can only deduce that you're pushing an agenda, rather than arguing from reason.