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Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
Whatever agenda you attribute the "escort fanboy" your agenda is clearly that of raising the turn rate of cruisers. One must conclude you command a cruiser and in doing so are rather adamant regarding your agenda. Therefore, it is also safe to conclude you are a "cruiser fanboy" and your posts be viewed in such light. You continue to make such statements regarding other players while obfuscating your own proclivities.
Well, in his defense, it has been a little frustrating for Fed' cruiser captains to have their ships outmaneuvered out gunned(dps) and out-resisted (per point of hull) versus their typical opponent (KDF or Fed').

Unless a cruiser captain goes to the extremes, they pretty much only can rely on low damage Beam Arrays, single cannons and the sort to bounce off of enemy shields and hulls while hoping they can hold out with enough heals to bore their enemies to leaving them alone (usually ineffective).