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01-25-2013, 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
Okay, try to follow this train of logic:

He said playability is the issue. I did not suggest nerfing the dreadnought, so its playability would remain the same with my idea. Don't tell me he's simply thick in the head, and that he assumed I wanted to nerf the dreadnought's playability when I said nothing of the sort.

So whose playability is diogene0 referring to? Cruiser captains? He wants cruisers to remain as they are, so it's unlikely that he's suggesting a slightly higher turn rate would make cruiser playability worse. That would be asinine.

What does that leave him with? Escorts and science ships. He is afraid that a boost to the playability of Cruisers will threaten either one or both. I know he flies a Vesta which is a science/escort hybrid, and I doubt he wants the viability of that threatened by anything.

And also, he seems to think all cruisers should be doing is healing teams in pvp and little else, because "that's their role". As if an increased turn rate would ruin that role or the roles of the other ship classes.

Oh, looky. He thinks the best Fed cruiser is the one with a turn rate of 10 that isn't Fed at all.

I already have seen those posts, Roach. I had no intention of besmirching you unfairly. I only do it fairly, to guys like diogene0.
FYI I enjoy flying all ships, even those with a turnrate of 6 like my former Recluse. This was one of the best ships i'veever played with. In no way i feel "threatened" by cruiser pilots I'm just tired to see people complaining that the game isn't balanced when it's just a lack of piloting skills.

I mean, i'm not better than anyone here, and if i can do it well, anyone can.

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