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01-25-2013, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by peter1z9 View Post
To put it simply, beam arrays are just plain garbage. In exchange for a greater firing arc, you get a weapon with much less DPS than a dual cannon while using the same amount of power per shot. So basically, you get penalized twice for a greater firing arc.

If the Devs wanted to balance the weapon types properly, they would keep the firing arcs where they are and scale power usage with DPS. This would still give your DCs and DHCs the best DPS in the game while giving the other weapons a lower but better sustained DPS. With the current setup, running multiple beam arrays results in the weapons choking themselves for power and making an already lower DPS an absolutely pitiful DPS.
Throw in the horrid cruiser turn rate and viola, no wonder so many hate using cruisers with beams.