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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
No gripe.. I'm just not a QA tester for the game and am not paying them to do it either...

only reason why I would have to do that on tribble is because controlled release measures do not exist to a sufficient degree before a release...

You go ahead and be their free employee.
No No I understand and agree with your opinion, but I never ever make a large purchase in this game without doing it on Tribble first and running a quick test. Their descriptions, testing, whatever could be right on the money... but I always try new builds and skill repsecs on Tribble first before implementing them on the live character. I've found that i didn't like the idea that I thought of or perhaps my math didn't add up.

I strongly believe in QA and sometimes I shake my head at things like simple descriptions that are not correct for items, rep/fleet unlocks... if they had to write a million dollars off their yearly numbers in give backs they'd have a ~30 person, 3 team QA department. I've been there....but unfortunately we don't sign contracts giving us that power.
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