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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
And you think its easy to keep perfect broadside to a fast moving ship with a slow turning cruiser ? I actually think the "its hard to keep that narrow" argument is kinda obsolete in current STO, it was valid at launch I agree, but now...well...
Yes, I do think its easier to use the 250 firing arc to keep beams on a fast moving target. The issue is not the arc but that beam arrays are ineffecient in power usage and bottom out weapon power too quickly
Yes, I do find it easy to keep DHCs on a slow target and hard to keep them on a fast target.

On the subject of dual cannons, that low FA is one reason why they do 192DPV/256DPS compared to a BAs 220DPV/176DPS, but I would love them to have a wide enough FA to be able to do a true broadside, even if they. lowered damage on them.

Another factor is that beams have no real buffing BOff abilites that compare to CRF/CSV.

Beam Arrays (not DBBs) are like the KDF in that respect, created and left unfinished.

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