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Oh my gosh you gotta be kidding me... alright yeah if your in pvp then what you probably were fighting is a BoP Brel-R, on one of my KDF toons that is my ship of choice and that's how if i fight. i stay under cloak loaded with transphasics torps and trico mines. let me give ya and advice. do enough damage and you kill him or knock him out of cloak. if you wish you, i can give you my handle and we can pvp so you can figure out how to beat a brel. the only real good thing that ship has is that ability. tractor beams gravity wells and other stuff will work, can decloak me. when i fight i do hit and run. i attack uncloak for about three seconds and recloak again thing is there's the thing. because i am already under cloak all you need is a good hy torp or a spread and you will do damage. you will hit hull.. when fighting a brel the best thing to do is to out number it or figure out where its at or kill it.
When retaliating, would you say the 'Fire All Torpedoes' non-console skill works?
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