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01-25-2013, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by yamaguchisebet View Post
A new Lockbox and another Master Key Sale.

The thing about referring to these as Master Keys, is that they are not "Master Keys", there just keys that are consumed on use.

I know this is a marketing thing, to get money to keep the game running, but I think a revisit on the Item Name is required, it's almost mis-selling.

If it's a "Master Key", it should open ALL Lockboxes and not be consumed.

What should be done, is with each new Lockbox, have a new "Master Key" for that type of Lockbox, and sell a True Master Key for about 2000 Zen, that way you have a key that is not consumed on use and will open all the Lockboxes of that particular type.

Oh and as for Lobi Crystals, there needs to be another way to earn these In Game.

I'm a paying member of the game, so not a F2P expecting something for nothing, just highlighting the clear mistake on call these Master Keys.

Another idea, give you paying members a proper "Master Key" at the start of a Lockbox run that opens all the boxes in the run.
Semantics. That's all it is, semantics.

Besides, it opens ANY lockbox. Therefore, calling it a "master key" isn't misleading in the slightest.
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