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01-25-2013, 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by johhanne View Post
My only problem is if you are excluding the foundry what other missions exist to take your BOs on that you would typically do at end game - stf doesn't use BOs, neither do fleet actions, or the various 'queues' for romulan and fleet marks.

Seems as though it would be limited to 'episode replay' of the levelling eps....... is that how you envisage it? Because I would want nothing less than to play the levelling missions again!

Well, the tech I'm envisioning probably wouldn't be possible with the Foundry.

That said, fleet marks from Foundry missions could be used to progress your fleet and you could buy species rep of your choice with fleet credits.

So the Foundry and Fleet Actions aren't excluded, except to the extent that you couldn't technically track which BOs a person had for reward purposes. And the fleet marks turn into fleet credits and fleet credits can be used to buy rep of your choice.