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Been using your guide as a basis for my builds for a bit. Thank you for your contributions.

So, I'm kinda torn between the two. I was looking at a double APO1 build with crf3 (maybe with cannon doffs so I can have a higher uptime on crf3), but also saw a build that used APO3 with cd doffs to keep it up close to 50% of the time with crf2 with the option of adding apd or apb (for pve).

For pvp, though, I was wondering if it'd be better to have double APO1 over a single copy even if the uptimes are nearly identical b/c of subnuc? With the APO3 build, if you get stripped, you have to wait the cd whereas with double APO1, you can simply kick in the second copy?

Also, I'm employing a single torp atm, but between a 3 dhc / 1 torp, 4 dhc, or a 3 dhc / 1 dbb build, do you have a recommendation (I know a lot/most of your builds are 4 dhc)? I kinda like the idea of a dbb for burst to replace my torp, but I'm not sure if a 30 sec bo2 is going to compensate for a torp I have on demand at 10 sec or less with the option of hy.

Do you have a preference or any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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