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# 83 What's next.
01-25-2013, 11:45 PM
Here's an idea FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME before you introduce anything new i'm getting annoyed with my shuttle needing repairs instead of the ship I'm flying I'm pissed that %90 of the time my fleet support either doesn't show up or it pops in to say hello then disappears,I know timing is perfect but does it have to be "Data" perfect. When i first got my Odessey pack i was over the moon but now I cant fight the borg on elite anymore and the points offered on romulan stuff is pathetic. You selfish people A.D.D. has you bored of the game we love to play so you give yourselves a harder challenge i wonder how many people aren't going on sto because the change is BS find a way for a level 1 to beat a 1000 day veteran without having to resort to scams or hacking, Would be nice for the underdog to get one for a change but i guess that's just the way life is, If this get me deleted so be it as i don't give a rats any more. Why waste time as I'm wasting my life. what is next. If you don't like what I say, Say what you want a good opinion is like a good idea. I'm not wasting another cent till this game is equalized I hate the fact that i got my borg shield def and engine for next to nothing and people today have so much BS to go through just to get 1/3rd. thanks and sorry.

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