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01-26-2013, 01:54 AM
DS9 & Drozana .

- I love DS9 in spite of Taco Fangs messing up the exterior lighting by putting up a "projector" that looks to be 2-3km away from the station at best to act as the "sun" -- thus taking away from the mysterious & alien look of the station's exterior .

And the interior still looks like "night shift" wherever you go ... 26 hours around the clock , but it's still the nicest place visually for me .

- Drozana ... , again , the look of a seedy bar (that should get expended w/a couple of more rooms -- possibly even "private rooms" that can be rented for EC/Latnum) is very nice .
I so wish for an open no-weapons-allowed brawling pvp zone on that map tho ... .
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