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Originally Posted by thejosephine View Post
Coming back after a long break. (at least pre-reputation, maybe longer) Trying to catch up on many changes.

PvP was almost a joke when I left, with Pre-mades mercilessly stomping pugs, flinging every insult along the way. Console spam was the norm and supposedly expected gameplay. If you weren't flying an escort, you were a zombie-build of some sort.

Has the situation improved, or is it still the same festering pit of hate it was?

pugstomping - yep, still around. Don't really hear insults though, most are fairly civil these days. I also find that it's not as prevalent as most seem to think it is, though it could just be my timezone.

Console spam - still there, may have gotten a tad worse. Pets are more of a problem now.

Escorts/Zombie builds - not so much. Build diversity is a little better with the destroyers available now, and Sci debuff builds aren't really that rare.

Disclaimer: Based on pugging experience. I'm not in a PvP fleet, and I don't hook up with pugmades very often either.
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