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# 1 Idea about normal cloak
01-26-2013, 02:50 AM
I just happened to witness a Defiant needs battle cloak conversation again.
And I agree that it wouldn't be fair and balanced.
However it made me think about how silly the current normal cloak mechanic still is.

Captain! We have been hit by a stray disruptor beam from a shuttle, so I will refuse to recloak the ship and most certainly condone this ship to certain death when those Warships catch up with us!

Why not make it so the normal cloak power can be activated at any time, but being shot at places a short debuff on yourself that keeps you visible with shields down?
That way using regular cloak in combat would still be impossible.
And the cloak mechanic would be way less silly, and sometimes annoying.
Perhaps they might actually fix the current uncloak bug while they're at it.
It's also canon.

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