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Short term

1. Drop/Cancel project button on character reputation panel.
2. Make the next object location circle on the map clearer by changing it's colour or flashing.
3. Have ++run toggle work everywhere permanently when out of combat. We keep having to toggle it twice to make it work after combat.

Medium term

1. Add more free clothes, with unique racial sets.
2. More colour options on customizing clothes and ships or texture options Matt/Gloss/Glowing?
3. Increase the marks gained from missions on New Romulus and Defari to reflect the time it takes to get them. I aint bothered about how easy or risk free they are, I liked doing them at the very beginning but the rewards were not worth the time, I think most players feel the same.

Long term

1. Add episode missions which give rewards that can compete with the STFs, currently players are farming marks by continuously doing STFs, hundreds of them. Some varied and challanging episode-type missions (3 parts - mixture of ground and space) could alleviate STF burnout.
2. Make the holodecks work! Work simplitiscally, but you have to add "Freeze program" and "Computer, Exit!" commands Perhaps they can be rented out by a fleet officer for custom built training sessions, like the foundary missions but with no rewards.
3. Add more voices in dialogs and much more music. I don't feel immersed as I can usually only hear combat sounds since the music has run out and the NPCs are only talking via dialog text.

I would like to add that Star Trek Online is a beautiful and fabulous game and all the effort that has already gone into is very much appreciated!