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01-26-2013, 02:25 AM
1. Yes, the Dreadnaught and Defiant Retrofit's cloak console are one in the same. They can both be seamlessly transferred to either ship and the Fleet variant of the Defiant.

2. I own a Defiant Retrofit. It's a good ship. I got a couple of videos up on YouTube doing some STF's with it. I normally use my Armitage nowadays, the extra fighter pets are a plus. Also, I've NEVER seen a Federation ship have the Bridge Officer layout of the Defiant Retrofit at all. The only OTHER ship is the Klingon Qin Heavy Raptor.

3. It's cheaper buying a fleet module (1) from the Exchange and no money involved to get a Fleet variant Defiant. The Fleet variant does not come with a cloaking console.

4. The cloak is a normal NON-Battle cloak. It can only cloak if you're out of combat. It's good if you wanna get a jump on someone. Other than that, it's sort of useless.

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