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Originally Posted by betawatcher View Post
What exactly is the problem? Maybe your community could offer some helpful ideas for fixes
If you add extra rewards for playing spotlighted foundry missions, you should also try to tackle the issue of grind/farm missions flooding the list of community authored missions. It's getting out of hand, where there is one "proper" foundry mission, there are at least 15 "fake" ones. Perhaps decreasing the rewards from "Investigate Officer Reports" when playing non-spotlighted missions or adding a simple vote system where players can ascribe a mission to be either a story or a grind quest could help to aleviate this problem.

It's not that excessive, long grind missions shouldn't give any rewards or qualify for the Inv. Off. Rep., but I simply want two different lists. I don't want to have a list cluttered with this stupid kill mission when I am actually searching for "real" foundry missions.

I'm dreaming again. I know Cryptic has been talking about such a feature for over a year now. The only thing delivered on time are lock boxes.
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