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01-26-2013, 03:48 AM
Originally Posted by captiandata1 View Post
good idea for the romulan type b bird d;dritex. increase the hall 44,000

add and 8 weapon slot

+10 aux
+10 weapons
+5 shield
+ engines

commander science
commander engineneering
liutantent tatacital
3 Tactical 3 Engineer 4 Science.
3 Tactical 4 Engineer 3 Science.
4Tactical, 3 Engineer, 3 Science
add sencor as
You have an obsession with troll posts. Double Cmdr. LOL.

Anyways, my half asleep two ECs:

Undine Nicor Cruiser

Hull: 37500
Shield Mod: 1.1
Turn Rate: 12
Inertia: 75
Weapons: 4/4
Crew: 50
Device Slots: 3
Impulse Modifier: .20
Console Layout:
4 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science
BOff Layout:
Cmdr Engineering, LtCmdr Tactical, Lt Tactical, Lt Science, Ensign Universal

Special Console: Planet Cracker (Universal). Summons 5 other Nicors that supercharge this Nicor enabling it to fire one beam shot for 2500% damage. Cannot be evaded. Drains all power levels by 75, WILL NOT RECHARGE for 5 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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