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01-26-2013, 03:54 AM
SDF-Megaroad, sto varient (well, this is just for fun...)

Classification: Carrier cruiser

Fore - 4 (cannons not allowed)
Aft - 4
Hull - 50,000
shield modifier - 1
crew - 5000
Device slots - 4
Hangars - 2
impulse modifier - 0.10
Turn rate - 4
subsystem bonus - 10 aux
Inertia - 10
Consoles - 1 tac, 5 eng, 4 sci

Lt tac
Commander eng
Lt commander eng
Lt commander sci
Lt sci

Toggle mode : Storm attacker : when activated, the Megaroad transforms from this: to this: (all weapons gain 360 degree capability - enemy aoe attacks such as spread count the storm attacker as three targets)

Storm attacker: Activation time - 20 seconds, engine power drops to offline

Ability 1 - Reflex phaser cannon - CD, 10 mins, charge time, 10 seconds (during which the shield modifier drops to 0.2); 90 degree range, target range 15km, beam range - map (capable of friendly fire)
A massive volley of BO5 graded energy blasts akin to Donatras thalaron blast

Ability 2 - Point Defence - a single 200,000 shield barrier that can block one attack/area every 15 seconds


Console - Sharon Apple AI - The singer ressurected, using holotechnology, the Megaroad can project a storm attacker sized Sharon into space, setting up a placate proc of 5% per 5 seconds for the duration of her three minute performance to all enemies while adding a 5% damage buff to all allies at the same proc rate

There is however a .5% chance per 30 seconds of Sharon taking over your pets, setting them to enemy status and attacking all at random

Pets: VF1 valkyrie, 3 per wing, maximum of six - quantum torps, phaser heavy cannon, phaser turret
Skill - CrF3, turret only CsV2, 35sec respawn