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01-26-2013, 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by admiralthorr360 View Post
I think it might be silly to report people for this... but even if it is technically against the rules to exploit bugs or glitches this seems so harmless except for a minor annoyance that I think perhaps Cryptic might considering using this for April Fools in specific zones or something.
Do you remember about 2 weeks ago the red text NOTICE at the top of every page on the forums? It was about the KDF going to ESD and Feds going to Qo'nos. They were killing NPCs and pulling them out of the designated locations (Admiral Quinn on ESD all the way inside Club 47 as an example). The notice on the forums said to report players for this behavior and they were going to fix it soon. YOU may think this doesn't harm anyone but it is very annoying.

I don't find what players are doing as "funny". Not in the least bit.