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Hello! So I recently purchased a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier and my question is what captain type I should unpack it on. I have a

50 Tactical Alien (Klingon) Already flies a Temporal Destroyer, really happy with the set up and build not sure I want to change. Good space traits. (Accurate etc.)

50 Engineer Bajoran (Fed) Has a Tholian Recluse so good place to buy the upgraded fighters such as the ultra rare Romulan ones I'm getting ready to get and be able to use Recluse for healboating and JDC for everything else. Has crappy traits, and although a retrait token is apparently coming with season 8, still only have 2 free slots on a Bajoran.

23 Science Alien (Fed) - Would obviously have to level, good space traits. (Accurate etc.)

Option 4 (Fed/Kling) - Start a new toon (unlikely I am going to do this, can't even max my sci )

No, I don't have the Bug ship unlocked on any of my characters or the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier so that isn't an issue although I could see myself getting the JHEC at some point so I guess who would pilot that is also a question so I could keep the sets together.

Anyhow - thanks for feedback!