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01-26-2013, 05:09 AM
Part One : Storm Clouds

Too Long, Don't Want to Read All I am about to Say Version : 5 Stars, Highest Recommendation. This is an incredible mission. If you want Klingon Content, go play it.

Now, to start with the author chooses to tell a very involved, epic scale story. If that's not your type of mission, this one probably isn't for you. Of note, the assumption is made that you are at least working for the KDF military. A fair assumption for most KDF characters I think, and if the player is willing to simply accept that they do indeed work for the KDF, then they are in for a wonderful story.

You have an incredible grasp on the way to tell a compelling story for a KDF character, where I feel like the hero of the story in a movie I would want to watch. Your NPCs act and speak in a way that invokes the races and the "feeling" of being part of the Empire. It should just "feel" different than federation play, and your story and storytelling accomplishes this better than most. Of note, you also nailed this "feeling" of a culture in your portrayal of the Romulans.

The story is front loaded with text and information. But as an author I appreciate the way that storytelling works, and this is but the first part of a 5 part story. I really liked all the information. Some players will not. For me, everything that you added as an author simply added to the immersive feeling of the mission.

There are a number of small detail oriented things I noticed that you might think about changing. I don't want to say anymore, but I would be glad to chat in game or something and give you feedback on what really amount to little things.

The combats are all challenging, but very winnable (I play almost everything on elite). Nothing about the fights is too easy and I see a good sense of balance and thought put into how you have them designed. Your PvP background is evident. Most people don't set up their mobs to try and flank me
I really liked the combats.
REALLY Liked them.

Overall, this mission surpasses anything of the official Cryptic KDF content, in my opinion.
I cannot say enough good about this mission, and the tiny criticisms don't amount to anything that takes away from what is probably the best KDF content I have played.

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