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01-26-2013, 05:47 AM
The Summer Event, Breen Lockbox, and Lobi Store.

Plesh Brek Frigate

Type: Escort
Hull: 33500
Shield Modifier: .95
Weapons: 4 Fore/3 Aft (can equip dual cannons)
Crew: 100
Device Slots: 2
Consoles: 5 2 3
Turn Rate: 17
Impulse Modifier: 0.21
Inertia Rating: 65
Bonus Power: +15 Weapon, +5 Aux
Special Console: Breen Cloak (Battle Cloak on Plesh Brek, Cloak on Chel Grett, MEF on Sarr Theln and Rezreth)

Sarr Theln Warship

Type: Special/Carrier
Hull: 39000
Shield Modifier: 1.1
Weapons: 3 Fore/3 Aft (can equip dual cannons)
Hangar Bays: 2 (Bleth Choas pseudo drain fighters)
Crew: 1500
BOFF: Cmdr LCmdr LCmdr EN EN
Device Slots: 3
Consoles: 3 4 3
Turn Rate: 9
Impulse Modifier: .16
Inertia Rating: 40
Bonus Power: +10 Weapon, +5 Shield, +5 Aux
Special Console: Breen Cryo-Gas (Theta/EWP-like, that creates a recharge debuff that can be cleansed by HE)
Carrier Commands, Subsystem Targeting

Rezreth Destroyer

Type: Special/Carrier
Hull: 42500
Shield Modifier: 1.2
Weapons: 4 Fore/3 Aft (can equip dual cannons)
Hangar Bays: 2 (Bleth Choas pseudo drain fighters or Plesh Brek if the player has the Plesh Brek)
Crew: 3500
Device Slots: 3
Consoles: 4 3 3
Turn Rate: 5
Impulse Modifier: .15
Inertia Rating: 30
Bonus Power: +10 Weapon, +10 Shield, +5 Aux
Special Console: Breen BioEngineering (provides a bonus to Subsystem Repair, Hull Repair, and Shield Emitters)
Carrier Commands, Subsystem Targeting

There would be both a 2pc and 3pc set bonus for using the Breen secondary set (will have to think about that one). There would be a restriction, though - you can only use 3 of the four consoles. You could run the Breen Cloak, Breen Energy Dissipator, and Breen Cryo-Gas or the Breen Energy Dissipator, Breen Cryo-Gas, and Breen BioEngineering... basically, you can't use the Breen Cloak and Breen BioEngineering on the same ship. Also, use of the Breen Cloak applies a negative modifier to hull and shields.

There would also be the Mk XII Breen Set that folks could complain about of course.

How about adding Breen Cryo Torps into the mix - similar to Plasma in applying a DoT, but it being a small recharge debuff DoT along the lines of the Breen Cryo-Gas...hrmmm?

Given that the Breen used Disruptors but also knocked out systems - would it be wrong to introduce more Phased Disruptor weapons ala the Spiral Wave Disruptors? Spiral Wave Disruptor DHCs, eh?
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