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01-26-2013, 07:20 AM
Premades stomping PUGs? That's going to happen in pretty much any game. Cryptic has not created any non-team queue mechanic. There are PUGmades formed in OPvP, which imho offer more than you'd get out of a TradePUG.

Insults? Doesn't matter if it's PvP or PvE, there are going to be players that fling this is nothing specific to PvP by any means.

Console Spam? Cheese...while it's what you're likely to find in random queues and Ker'rat (whether from Premades or PUGs) - there are those that are against the cheesefest. Cheese-free events are being scheduled more and more. Going back to the insults thing, it can definitely get nasty between the two crowds.

Escorts? Well, this is Star Trek Online - so the ship type seen the least in over 40 years of Star Trek is obviously the main player.../cough.

Festering Pit of Hate? Well, outside some of those Cheese vs. No Cheese discussions - the main hate comes from PvE players that need the crutch of various broken mechanics. They despise that by it's very nature, PvP allows for feedback and testing on such mechanics. NPCs aren't going to create support tickets if something does not appear to be working...and well, there are far too many PvE players that would rather exploit something than report it as well. There are also far too many PvP players that would rather their fellows not report things either, but it's a little more difficult there - because the NPCs can't (not a case of won't) - and players don't want that crap used against them, so they're unlikely not to do so. Doesn't mean some won't use it while it's out there. Course, that gets back to the Cheese arguments.

TLDR for that last mini-wall of text? Festering Pit of Hate? People are people. /shrug