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01-26-2013, 07:03 AM

The only way to run the ground STFS is with a team, your fleet buddies, and with voice chat.

We have often have two teams running and both using the fleet Teamspeak server.

But the feedback I get in threads like is is most people's want their cake and to eat it also.

Well if you don't want to be in a bigger fleet or to use Teamspeak you will eat many painful pugs.

Our fleet members who have all the optionals and have the elite costume unlocks use teamspeak.

Not using voice chat and a big fleet is the same as going into the STFs with MK 1 gear.

PM me if you want to join In with my fleets PRO STF team and no you don't need to join our fleet.

Like you we are just having fun and we are always looking for elite ground players.