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01-26-2013, 07:12 AM
OnCritShieldHealProc (A) vs. OnCritPlacProc (B)

(A) 20% proc based on their ability to crit you to regen X amount of shields. 10s CD.

(B) 20% proc based on your ability to crit them to placate them for 2s. Various discussions on what the CD actually is, whether it's tied to the ability or the target, whether there's actually any immunity, whether there's a CD, etc, etc, etc.

Go into orbit around ESD, Qo'nos, etc, etc (basically, don't be on the ground or in sector space).

Look at the amount for that shield heal. You can get that a max every 10s if somebody or something crits you.

Compare that to the amount of damage you might take in 2s. Also consider the abilities an enemy may be using on you that the placate could break. Also consider how this works in tandem with KHG/AMACO shields. Look around for a post from a Dev confirming whether or not the passive can only affect a single target or not - if not, consider the potential of not taking damage for 2s from multiple targets because of FAW, CSV, TS, etc, etc, etc. If so, don't consider that - because it won't matter.

Then look back a that shield heal.

Make your choice.

Something to keep in mind - if you're trying to play a tank role, you're not going to want the enemy to target somebody else, eh? Then again, 2s can pass pretty fast and the target may not even pick up another target before going back to you...but that's a gamble, eh?