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Originally Posted by side7 View Post
Been using your guide as a basis for my builds for a bit. Thank you for your contributions.

So, I'm kinda torn between the two. I was looking at a double APO1 build with crf3 (maybe with cannon doffs so I can have a higher uptime on crf3), but also saw a build that used APO3 with cd doffs to keep it up close to 50% of the time with crf2 with the option of adding apd or apb (for pve).

For pvp, though, I was wondering if it'd be better to have double APO1 over a single copy even if the uptimes are nearly identical b/c of subnuc? With the APO3 build, if you get stripped, you have to wait the cd whereas with double APO1, you can simply kick in the second copy?

Also, I'm employing a single torp atm, but between a 3 dhc / 1 torp, 4 dhc, or a 3 dhc / 1 dbb build, do you have a recommendation (I know a lot/most of your builds are 4 dhc)? I kinda like the idea of a dbb for burst to replace my torp, but I'm not sure if a 30 sec bo2 is going to compensate for a torp I have on demand at 10 sec or less with the option of hy.

Do you have a preference or any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
APO3+CFF2 deals more damage then APO1+CRF3. so with APO you will hit harder and more effectively wile APO is on, but CRF has a higher up time then APO, so CRF3 might give you slightly more damage over a period of time. but in an escort, and one that carriers torps or a beam, you want to hit as hard as possible all at once.

4 DHCs has sorta fallen out of favor with me flatly, with all the passives and heal procs i find 4 DHC fire to easy for more resistant targets to tank. i favor bringing a torp or a beam into the mix too, as an extra closer to finish someone off as soon as you blow a hole in their shields. one of the things i did recently is update most escort builds to reflect that.

if you can only slot 1 copy of BO or HY, just make sure you save your buffs for when you can use them again. do all or nothing attacks. between that, keep CRF cycling though. i find HY2 and BO2 the ideal of each power to use. BO3 is extreamly inaccurate and no mater how low your enemy's defense score is when you fire, theres a good chance it will still miss. BO2 is much more accurate, and can still hit over 30k. in your LTC stations you want your CRF2, and/or your second APO copy. HY2 will usually do the job if you can get torpedoes through at all, and your cannons being stronger with CRF2 is more important imo. if i had to choose between HY1 and BO1 i'd chose a torp with HY1 every time. BO1 is not worth the energy it drains in my opinion.

in a premade with ES rampant, your never going to find a hole in shields for long enough to make torps work. and the energy drain from BO will just hurt pressure dps, without having any dramatic effect. im told unrelenting DHC fire is still the best to bring to that situation, but for puging i like the 3 and 1, its more fun.

on my more advanced escort builds i have just the 1 APO3 because i also recommend attack pattern doffs, with 2 of them you can cut the cool down to global, needing only the 1 copy. if you cant afford those, and they are very expensive, you will want APO3 and an APO1, never take an escort into pvp without APO at its global 1 way or another.
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