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01-26-2013, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
I don't think the helmet and chest bug is in getting the season 7 set.

Because I had my set prior to season 7 where it worked and it's bugged for me too.

I don't know how many weeks it's been now but I am sort of resignating about the whole optional and costumes unlocks.

As I said before, launching season 7 under the banner of saving time in getting the sets should give these here bugs top priority if you ask me...

Seems like they can't fix it unfortunately :/
Yes It seems the more people I talk to the more people have problems with the KDF Set. It seems to affect mainly Female toons. And related to the tailor. While I still think its easy enough to fix since the items are ingame. There just not showing up as options.

And it seems Pre S7 people cant use the helmets either. So something went majorly wrong. But I'm still waiting for a GM to come back on me with my ticked (five days open now) so maybe they can fix it ingame if its just a missing item that should be awarded. Otherwise just keep on bringing the problem up seems the only way to get it fixed. Worked for the Federation site helmet. They fixed that pretty fast with people bringing it up. Then again this KDF site were talking about and it lacks.. love to say it simple.