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I've been reading a lot of information via the STOwiki about how certain playable races are, well, lined up for cancellation.

But given that this is an unofficial source, I'd prefer to get the information direct from those who know, if that's allowed or possible.

Here's my list of planned future characters:

Hirogen Tactical (Romulan Faction).
Jem'Hadar Tactical (Dominion/True Way Faction).
Liberated Borg Cardassian Science (Cardassian/True Way Faction).
Ocampan Science (Starfleet Faction).

But according to the research I've been doing, those first 3 options are highly unlikely now.

I'll summarize:
Hirogen and LiberatedBorg are suggested to be removed from the upcoming Romulan faction.
One of the Cryptic Dev Blogs stated that the Romulan Faction is a testbed for the Cardassian faction, how that is recieved will determine the implementation of the Cardassian faction.
And well, if LiberatedBorg is not made available for Romulans, then logically, Cardassians won't have it either.
I have no data on Jem'Hadar playable.
Ocampan Sci is a high probablity, but Cryptic have not set a release date yet (other then long-term future content).

I'm surprised they even considered the idea of cancelling LiberatedBorg characters for the next faction, that's not going to be recieved well by Lifetimers.

And the Romulan faction is already limited enough in terms of playable species, removing 2 of them is a 40% reduction in options.
Romulan, Reman, Custom Alien, that's not a lot!

And to forestall the inevitable debate, a Custom Alien made to look like a Hirogen or a Jem'Hadar is not the same thing.
Firstly, they don't have the Traits specific to that Species (Dominion Soldier and Shroud for Jem'Hadar to pick an example).
Secondly, they don't have the costume options either (like Hirogen Armor or Jem'Hadar uniforms).
And last of all, they don't have the species specific ships (Axon battleship, Dominion Battlecruiser and Keldon).

The point of this post is to determine if there's actually a future in STO for any of my new characters.
My current Starfleet and KDF have pretty much done all there is to do, they don't do a lot except collect fleet marks now.

And no, I'm not going to roll a new character for the sake of "rolling a new character".
There's so much work involved now, Diplomacy, Colony Cluster Chains, Omega and Romulan Reputation (with associated gear to requistion) that I'm not motivated to put the effort forth unless there's something new and exciting about the experience (i.e: something I haven't done before!).

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