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01-26-2013, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by eulifdavis View Post
No, you have no idea what a tank is. Tanks are meant to absorb damage. Cruisers are best designed to fill this role by having high hull points and the ability to slot an absurd number of heals.
No, that is not correct. That is the EVE Online definition of "Tank" as an aggregate of various ship stats meaning "how much damage can I ignore", it's not the classic MMO definition of "Tank" as a role meaning "mitigates damage for the rest of the party by redirecting it away from them".

Whatever causes the most damage to be redirected away from others is the best tanking, and in this game it just so happens currently (and for a while now) that avoidance tanking can redirect at least as much as mitigation tanking, AND is more survivable since any ship type can absorb infinite misses.

Every point of damage that hits your Cruiser reduces either shields or hull; every point that misses your Escort entirely is just gone. If he has double your miss chance and at least half your hull, he wins outright; even more so if he can pull more threat than you because he has all your threat tools AND puts out more damage.