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01-26-2013, 07:57 AM
i've put it on my tactical captain, and i can't really imagine it being much better with an engi or sci captain.

the extra DPS from attack pattern alpha and fire on my mark helps in DPS.

engineering captain would put more energy in your systems and the one instant heal

sci would give you the holo pets and sensor scan

i don't see any huge changes in dps in either variant, engineering has a bit more survivability every few minutes...

anyway, you can copy your char to tribble and just test what version you like best.

for me it was a no brainer because i have a alien that i play as a Jem'Hadar (fake alien creator Jemmy...) he already has the bug and you need that for the bug hangar bay items...
so either that one or no one.

i still like the bug better, but it's fun to fly something else after a year with that char, even if the carrier seems less tanky and less powerful than any escort in the game.