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01-26-2013, 08:28 AM
I think people are deluding themselves with the idea of a Romulan (or Cardassian) faction, and have been grasping at shreds of information to build up the idea.

The only thing that's been stated positively is that Romulan ships are unlikely to appear because it would cut into any Romulan species identity, and that Romulans may be a future species option.

People have read a LOT into that, but a) just because one person said it doesn't mean they won't change their mind, and b) there are a lot of ways in which Romulans may appear as player options that don't involve an actual faction.

For instance, there could be some sort of minipack where you start as Romulan and, after the tutorial sequence, decide to join the Federation or the Empire (a la' Pandaren from World of ********, and I think some other options in other games).

Or there could be a Romulan species selection of one of the existing factions that, with a mission, lets you unlock a special Romulan ship.

Or Romulan ships could be additional Reputation rewards.

Or there could be a Zen store Romulan pack, that unlocks Romulan species as well as a Romulan ship or two.

And so on.

Given Cryptic's unwillingness to throw money at a minority for KDF, it seems extremely unlikely that they'd throw money at another faction. The above options could be more easily monetized, which is key.