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01-26-2013, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
For instance, there could be some sort of minipack where you start as Romulan and, after the tutorial sequence, decide to join the Federation or the Empire (a la' Pandaren from World of ********, and I think some other options in other games).
Maybe my expectations for this game are just at an all time low, but I must say I really like this idea: Romulan characters which can be bought in c-store, start at lvl 40/50 and get immediatly a range of Romulan ships to choose from at the start and who then join one of the existing factions. Considering the events on New Romulus this wouldn't even be too far off story wise and Romulan ships would stay restricted to Romulan characters.

A real Romulan faction would still be preferable but I don't think we will ever see one.