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01-26-2013, 10:49 AM
Thanks so much for the reply.

I've been giving my build more thought recently (I wish the respec costs in sto weren't so high that I could simply respec, run a parser and see how the different builds stack up) b/c I currently run 1 torp / 3 dhc fore, 3 turrets in the back on my bug along with APO 1 and 3 and crf 1 and 2 and was also toying with the idea of going with the Omega adapted set for the Omega torp and kcb and maybe go 2 pc KHG/adapted Maco. Then I thought some more and thought that if I'm going to re-evaluate, maybe I should do a complete overhaul and go for an all energy build. With the build I have in mind, I can swap boffs/doffs for pvp or pve -I could even do 4 dhc for pve and 3 dhc/1 dbb for pvp- while freeing up points out of kinetic dmg and investing it into other things.

An all energy build would let me take better advantage of the 5 tac consoles while still having some burst if I go with bo2? And more and more, I've felt like the window is too narrow for me to be effective with torps. It's a bit maddening b/c I wind up going in circles with the advantages and disadvantages of each build. I'm not rich by any means, but I'm willing to spend the ec on the build so I can go with whatever's 'best'.

Anyway, thanks again.