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Is there a thread or a resource that gives information on how to successfully run STFs? I keep getting into STF queues where people bail, and the mission fails. I'd like to learn how to run them properly without getting yelled at by other players for screwing up a mission.
Bailing is outside of your control, don't worry about them. They'll get the leaver penalty for doing so.

Screwing up a mission is more important. PsychoticVulcan's link is good, however I learned how to do STFs properly without a guide. I just did Normals, and asked if anyone knew how to do the particular STF, or the Optionals (abbreviation: opt).

To summarize, (for space STFs only - general STF rules, if in a good team these rules may be replced with advanced ones.)

CSN/CSE: Make sure to kill the bottom probes, then top probes on each cube. Cruisers protect and buff Kang. Escorts take out the probes. Once all probes on each cube are killed, then have only one ship per cube, kill the cubes at the same time. Then gang up on remainders, and the Borg cruiser. Mission accomplished.

ISN/ISE: All hit one side first. Reduce Gennys to 10%, then kill at the same time. Focus fire on the Transformer next, ignore enemy ships, just blast away (of course, grav-well or tractor repulse the nanite spheres/probes if they get too close). Rinse and repeat with other side. Once both sides are done, fly your ship just past 2km underneath the transwarp gate, blast away. DO NOT ATTACK THE TACTICAL CUBE, until Gate is killed. Then just pound away at the Cube. Mission accomplished.

KASN/KASE: Assign one or two people to "probe duty" (ie killing probes before they can enter the time gate). Everyone else, concentrate on one side, killing the gennys, transformers, and then hit the Gateway to 10%. Run away, do the same to the other side. Once both gateways are at 10%, blow at same time. Then, all ships focus on Donatra.

In elite, make sure not to spawn too many enemy ships. If your team is overwhelmed, it's twice as hard to finish the mission.

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