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After all this new patches and new seasons, beams are still a worthless form of firepower. It doens't matter if you are in PVP or PVE, you only deal minimal damage in comparison to cannons, or torpedos. Its useless against players now because they can heal faster than you can deal damage. Its the opposite affect with the cannons. They deal damage faster than you can heal. With that type of imbalance, it makes most of the ships on the Fed side oppsolete in comparison to KDF and cruisers lacking extra weapon slots, Tac BOFF slots, or cannons oppsolete in comparison to escorts. As a cruiser in a PVP match, all you can do is heal. You can't go 1 on 1 with an escort because he will mop the floor with you. He can deal damage to you with his rappid cannon fire faster than you can heal yourself, yet you can barely scratch his hull with your inefficient beams because cryptic has made things to where escorts can heal themselves just as fast as cruisers. If you are lucky to get his shield down he can turn and burn, leaving you in the dust because his engines are way more powerful than yours. If your ship don't have the higher than LT Tac Boff slots, cannons, carries fighters, or have more than two weapons consoles, then you are just going to be another target magnet for those carriers cannons.