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01-26-2013, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
I don't really think it's a balance issue anymore. Factional diversity? Look at all the cross faction ships, or even the consoles in lock boxes.

What would Battle Cloak on the only two Federation ships that use it actually hurt at this point?
The KDF don't have a 5 Tac console escort like the defient is. Imo, should the KDF get an Escort w/5 Tacs then it can be discussed not before.

That said somethings shouldn't be cross factional. For example, I've messed around w/an old Brel I used to fly using PSW1, the PSWTorp console and 3 purp photonic doffs, PSWTorp charge -> PSW1 -> 12 seconds left on the PSWTorp consoles rechage. I added in VM3 w/2 doffs and AMS. It really is silly the amount of shockwaves I can spam while cloaked (not to mention the other stuff). I know the cat's out of the bag in a lot of ways, but I'd rather not use that as a reason to allow for a free for all.