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Wow, hfmudd, I LOVE what your mirror Sanara said about the Prime Directive! You really captured the difference between what it started as in TOS (protecting those who genuinely could not have fought the Federation back) and what it became in TNG--an excuse to play politics and to pick and choose which atrocities to accept and which ones to ignore. Like the Federation deciding to ignore what the Cardassians did to Bajor, AND to repeatedly ignore every awful thing the Klingons did because it happened to be under the guise of honor and the Klingons were politically-convenient allies.

What she did--not really taking the time to learn what Joining was like in the prime universe, and then trying to kill Draz--was wrong and ultimately it does show the corruption that seems to be almost ubiquitous in the MU. But, what she said before that point was right.

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