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Well, it was outright stated that Romulans had managed to ally themselves with the Hirogen, hence why the Hirogen were slated to be a playable race for the Romulan faction.

Also, the reason this list was composed are these are my favorite Trek species, hence why I wanted to play as

Also, the recent season says Romulans are becoming less insular and more outgoing.
The whole New Romulus zone is geared around that concept.
So, it's not improbable that other species are welcomed into the fold.
Also, the Romulan Star Empire was one of the significant galactic powers, who knows what other races were under their banner?
Although so far, Flaxian is the only one that's been identified.

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I'd instead suggest you try out more things with your existing characters, like playing Foundry missions, maxing out their reputations (the existing ones and those to come) and get more
crew and gear for them.
Foundry holds no interest for me, outside of Investigate Officer Reports.
Omega and Romulan Reputation are maxed.
Crews are well rounded (plus, I'm at the boff limit).
Boffs are geared up.

When I said I'd done it all, I meant it!

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