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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Colorado sits on the station. Looking at the padd.
OOC: Think you may have missed this.

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*R.S.S. Republic. Task Force "Peace-keeper" Staging Area. David is speaking with Sam in her quarters. Sam has a synaptic recorder on her forehead and a bio-metric monitor on her upper right arm.*

David: So, whoever attacked the Klingons has also attacked Ferenginar, with Republic Equipment. Needless to say, the Ferengi are pissed.

Sam: Tell me we're not seriously afraid of the Ferengi.

David: No, but it's not helping our image with the Klingons. We've been elevated to Condition Red.

Sam: Let me guess...

David: The Klingons have dispatched a fleet to the Romulan-Klingon Border. Command thinks they're going to cross through Romulan Space and strike our forces.

Sam: Do we know where these terrorists are now?

David: No, but we've got someone on it. He's chasing a lead.

Sam: Who?

David: Agent Hawk.

*Back with Colorado and the man, the man lifts up his hood to reveal Hawk.*

Hawk: I need to speak with you, in private.

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