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01-26-2013, 02:44 PM
i'm pretty sure that beams are not intended to be "kill weapons" in this game. they are utility weapons.
anyway, personally i think the most obvious thing "wrong" (i wouldn't even call it that, but in favor of this thread i do) is the high drain rate, which basically means you need to run a setup for max weapon power on your cruiser to make them effective...once you do it works, but you have to sacrifice surviveability on your cruiser, which kind of makes the issue moot for me, since they are designed as tanks in this game and not prime DD's.

in my opinion, the cruiser with beams played as intended, like a tank/support/healer works fine in this game...once you try to make it a DD, you either sacrifice a lot of the 3...which basically means you are better off with an escort/dual cannons anyway, or you fail completely and the ship is not capable of filling in any of those roles (that happens a lot)

i'm completely in favor of reducing beam energy drain to 6, but would that increase beam dmg to a point where they are viable DD weapons...certainly not, most cruiser classes would still be horrible ships for the DD role.

the problem with beams lies not with beams, but with people wanting to fly their favourite ships in roles they are not designed for in this game.
The funny part actually is, that in PVE that really doesn't even matter, since you can practically reach 4-5k dps with any T4/T5 ship in this game if you look around for usefull builds.
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