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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
It simply comes down to the simple fact that dealing damage is easy, but so is healing and tanking. However DD tend to seem OP since they are just the most effective in PvE.
At this point, we should remind ourselves that STO is a PVE-centered game. 95% of players (if not more) do not really play PvP in any significant amount.

This is a very important thing to keep in mind.

However in PvP, it's a TEAM effort (something OP doesn't always seem to remember), and each ship has it's own role and place in that TEAM effort.
That is an overgeneralization. No, PvP is just "player vs. player". That includes duels (which happen frequently via private challenges), Capture and Hold (which has its share of 1v1 encounters), and Ker'rat (which is full of 1v1).

Seriously. The game must work 1v1 with any ship pairing, or it does not work.

They can't heal each other nearly as well as a cruiser can heal something. An escort cannot CC nearly as well as a science ship can.
Even though this is drifting offtopic, I would like to point out that escorts can do a cruiser's job much, much, much, much, much better than a cruiser can do an escort's, and it can do a sci ship's "crowd control" job at least as good as a science ship, as there are "crowd control" (which means, to control crowds of smaller NPC's) tactical powers that are far more effective than sci ones: CSV, BFAW, TS control crowds better than GW, TR, PSW, CPB, TBR can even hope. Science vessels can debuff better, but escorts don't need to do that, because blowing up stuff is, ultimately, a much better "debuff" anyway.

Star Trek Online, in 99% of the existing space combat content (including most PvP), is Escorts Online right now.

I really do have trouble understanding how anyone could disagree with this.

So beams have their place, as weak as they are. But as I stated multiple times in multiple threads, the only buff on beams I would support would be the return of the ~20% damage lost at some point after BFAW came out, and a slight (VERY slight) accuracy bonus.
I am all for a cautious approach when adjusting game mechanics. But before that, it is required to acknowledge that there is some adjustment needed.

Also another thing to point out, beams are far more effective at longer ranges than cannons. By a significant margin.
Yes, they do only 60% of their base damage, where cannons do 40%. Unfortunately, with the existing base numbers, guess who wins.
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