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01-26-2013, 02:30 PM
Why frack with cannons, especially change the DHCs to Single Heavy Cannons, when the issue is with beams? Nerfing cannons based on perception doesnt fix beams.
Fix Beam Arrays, not nerf cannons.
Fix Beam Array power drain issue.
Give Beams a CRF style BOff ability in the game.
Adjust All other weapon types to make sense in reflection with handicaps balanced to thier increased damage values.
DBBs a better Firing arc.
Single Cannons a better firing arc.
Dual Cannons a better firing arc.
Create a Heavy Beam Bank that is to Cruisers as DHCs are to Escorts.
Create a Beam turret.

Do anything but go backwards by nerfing cannons, especialy based on perception.

Why? Because the perception of thier suckage will never change to those who continue to to thinks cannons are why thry suck.

Because Beam Arrays still suck because they havent fixed them yet.